Web Stories – 8 Health Benefits of Longan Fruit

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Dimocarpus Longan, better known as longan fruit, is a white-fleshed exotic fruit that belongs to the soapberry family. It is known for its similarities with lychee fruit. Longan is a tasty addition to puddings, sorbets, smoothies, salads, and jellies. All you need to do is peel away its outer shell for consuming longan. Longan tastes like grapes and looks like an eyeball when you take the shell off. The black seed and white flesh resemble a pupil. Hence, it is also called dragon eye fruit.

Consuming longan seeds is not recommended. Hence, remember to remove the seeds before eating longan. Longan is native to Southeast Asia and widely cultivated in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. They can be processed to obtain essential oil or extracts. It is also noteworthy that longan fruit plays a salient role in traditional Chinese medicine.

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