Is Corn Good For Weight Loss? Find Out

Do you enjoy eating warm, whole corn roasted and seasoned with salt and lemon on a rainy day? Or perhaps a hearty, hot corn soup during the winters? Who doesn’t? Corn, also known as makai or bhutta, is one of the most popular grains across the globe. In many tropical and subtropical countries, corn is […]

Metabolic Syndrome Diet: A Detailed Guide!- HealthifyMe

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of multiple diseases or metabolic abnormalities. It is a group of metabolic disorders, including dyslipidemia, hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance, and a tendency to develop abdominal fat. However, having one of these conditions does not imply you have metabolic syndrome but having even one of the conditions increases your chances of […]

Can It Help With Weight Loss?- HealthifyMe

If you want to lose weight, start running towards it now! That’s not just a joke, you can run your way to weight loss. The fact is running is the most accessible exercise to everyone. You don’t need special gym equipment or specific shoes, although they help. You can even practice barefoot running on a […]

Track Your Progress With Weight Loss Percentage!- HealthifyMe

Standing on weighing scales can feel like the ultimate moment of truth. You’ve been doing all the right things and expect those efforts to show up on the scale, only to end up staring at the number in disbelief. Seriously?! How can that happen? Sometimes the number still isn’t budging even when your body is […]

Six Ways Metabolic Health Affects Women’s Health- HealthifyMe

Metabolic health is a term to describe how well the body can generate and process energy.  A healthy metabolism or optimal metabolic health refers to properly functioning cellular mechanisms and energy-producing pathways. Understanding metabolism is the foundation for improving and preventing metabolic syndrome and complications. Many chronic diseases arise due to metabolic dysfunction. Obesity, diabetes, […]

How to Deal with Digital Eye Strain- HealthifyMe

Are you one of the many people who use screens for almost everything, whether you’re working, unwinding, or just going about your daily business? Then you must know that by doing so, you strain one of the most delicate muscles, i.e. Eyes, and this is called “Digital Eye Strain”(DES). After intensely concentrating on an activity […]

Cycling Your Way to Weight Loss- HealthifyMe

Your cycle or bike proves that a fitness tool doesn’t have to be complicated. Besides being a recreational activity, cycling is another way of optimising calorie and fat burning on the days when you’re not hitting the gym.  Cycling is one of the many skills we learn as a kid. When we were small, most […]

Do Artificial Sweeteners Affect Glucose Levels?- HealthifyMe

Artificial sweeteners, as the name suggests, are synthetically produced chemicals that are sugar substitutes. They are used in foods to add sweetness without increasing the calorie count. Non-nutritive sweeteners and low-calorie sweeteners are other names for them. To reduce sugar or calories in the diet, a person chooses artificial sweeteners as a sugar substitute. Artificial […]

Essential Factors That Affect Your Metabolism- HealthifyMe

The human body performs millions of chemical reactions, collectively known as metabolism. For example, the process by which food (and liquids) gets converted into energy is called metabolism. These functions help us stay alive and function and help the body to grow and repair tissues. It also enables regular functioning by breaking down the nutrients […]

Is Eggs Good for Weight Loss? Find Out

Eggs are full of nutrients, deliciousness, and good health. So one of the simplest things you can do if you’re attempting to lose weight is to include eggs in your diet. They can increase your sense of satiety and enable you to consume fewer calories during the day.  Eggs contribute to flavour, texture, colour, etc., […]